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Talent is what makes us special!

AY Estate has the necessary inbuilt tools that help everyone involved. Ranging from yourself, your agents as well as the broker, all users can access the portal with ease and convenience. Effective real-estate marketing is what we promise.
Here’s how we do that.

Why to choose AY Estate ?


AY Estate

AYestate is an Egyptian company that has been established to facilitate the real estate marketing process and enable salesmen in this field to easily sell by setting up websites at a low cost that allows them to publish their properties and receive customer messages such as any professional site.

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but our main advantage is that your name is included in your domain name ,A separate control panel, the only one who can control his property without having to check the system, and this service is presented for the first time in Egypt at the best competitive price in the Republic of Egypt, we seek to offer you the best


Real-Estate Website

In all the real estate marketing sites, they use their name to build Brand, in any way we buy the brand through your name or the name of your company, you are not creating a page and add your property to it

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you will have a website with all the features and characteristics of separate websites, This will keep your customer a good impression of your business and your advanced level, demonstrating to your client that he is dealing with an entity, you are the entity


Marketing With AY

We want to help you in marketing your property as quickly as possible. We have assigned you two types of marketing,

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marketing through advertising on social media and Google ads with a Google certified partner in e-marketing. Or through the marketing by the commission and by visiting our office and determine the percentage of commission and we advertise for your property


Property Management

The Property Management team keenly understands the importance of protecting client assets and increasing long-term value.

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In order to manage your property, an experienced Property Manager would be assigned to handle all processes, documentations, enquirers and complaints by landlords or tenants.


Creative Ideas

We use in our website a new way of creativity to help you grow your business more easier and faster.
Our system help you build a real-estate website in just 48 hours.

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Now-days, It more professional to have a website or separated page in real-estate field to market your property, so we worked on that.


Finishing - Construction

We offer you finishing and construction after you finish the with real-estate and buy your unit.

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Contact us and asked about our Engineering services.

Memberships With AY

Free Memberships

Free agents have option for 2 listing and account get approved within 48 hours.

Sliver Memberships

Paid membership have 10 listing and 1 Feature property and account get approved within 24 hours

Bronze Memberships

Paid membership for agencies , agency can add up to 3 agents and each agent can listing up to 5 properties , and you can analyze each agent performance. also agency have 2 feature properties.

Golden Membership

Paid membership give you a separate Real-Estate website with full control , Your website deliver within one week

Platinum Memberships

Paid membership give you a separate Real-Estate website with full control , Your website deliver within one week with Custom Design from our designs. and technical support for 1 month .

Diamond Memberships

Paid membership give you a separate Real-Estate website with full control , Your website deliver within one week with Custom Design from our designs. and technical support for 1 month . Marketing Campaign throw google and social media .

Enterprise ready

CEO Message

Today,I would like to invite all Real-estate Brokers over all the world to join our AY Estate Co.
We will provide all agencies with a special marketing with perfect tools.
Join US Now !!

Cairo Dar Real Estate

Cairo dar Real-Estate is the Official partner for AY Estate in 6th October city, You can visit our Office to Complete registration.

Our Team

Our team is working hard to provide you with best answers and solutions 24/7
We have an integrated team of professional who are always doing amazing results for our customers. Many companies, institutions and even people have helped us build their brand identity, develop their brand, professionally design and promote them on various marketing platforms.

Websites Design

The website is one of the most important fundamentals of the presence of companies in the current period. It is the primary means of knowing the activity of the company and its products and how to communicate with the company. There are now more than 450 million websites for companies in different fields. Millions visit websites annually. The site has been renovated, updated and updated to attract the attention of the site visitors.

Market your property. Measure results. Drive growth.

AY Estate gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your Marketing







AY Estate is free to use for as long as you want. You can always upgrade to a paid plan to access even greater features.

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